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About Bathmate Hydro -Xtreme Series

HydroXtreme combines all the qualities of perfection of the original Bathmate, perfect for those of you who want to enlarge your penis above average – You can use it in the bathroom or shower with or without water – while offering superior pressure and ease of use thanks to the addition of a handball pump; an element that has never been seen in a hydro-based penis enlargement pump.

Part of the improved design of the HydroXtreme model is the addition of an updated comfort pad that is inserted into the base of the leg protector for added comfort, support and suction power. The release valve has also been upgraded to allow simple and easy one-click hose attachments and handball pumps to be applied.

Because of the additional pressure when using a hand ball pump we recommend using the HydroXtreme series for a maximum of 15 minutes per day. This series of water pumps are very powerful and have been specifically designed for more advanced users. If you are a beginner penis pump we recommend using HydroXtreme carefully at the pressure that you feel comfortable.

Better Fit, Better Results

Hydro-Xtreme will fit if your erect penis measures between

Fits sizes

3 - 11"


8 - 28cm


Elegant Features of the HYDRO - Xtreme Series Pump


Xtreme is the first pump from our Hydropumps to incorporate into the design a flexible handball pump option that is removable. Although you can use Xtreme as a standard Hydropump (such as hydro serie and hydromax series), Xtreme is his own when used with handball. The hand ball can be mounted directly to the pump valve, or through an optional flexible tube for ease of use.

comfort insert


Another amenities option from HydroXtreme is the addition of an updated comfort pad that is inserted into the bottom of the pump’s leg protector, support and suction power. The release valve has also been upgraded to allow a simple and easy one-click hose attachment and handball pump.


Pumps with the Xtreme Series come with a series of accessories designed to help you maximize your pump from the first use to the last. From care and maintenance to helping with every exercise, this package has everything you need.(Carry case, Cleaning Sponge, Handball, Comfort Insert Pad, Hose Attachment, Bathmate Clean, Security Lock, Shower Strap, and Wash Towel)


The clear measurement guide on the front of the device has been redesigned to include imperial measurements and metrics that give you the ability to control your penis exercises and see the results you get during training.

Choose the perfect Hydro-xtreme Pump model that suits you below:

Buy and get the results of your dreams, and get a 60 day money back guarantee guarantee without question.

Suitable For Users Measuring 1 to 3 Inches When Erect

Suitable For Users Measuring 3 to 5 Inches When Erect

Suitable For Users Measuring 5 to 7 Inches When Erect

It’s Recommended For Those Of You Who Have a Penis Size Between 5 and 7 Inches

Ideal for those who’ve graduated from using other hydropump sizes, HydroXtreme9 suits users between 7 and 9 inches.

Hydro-Xtreme 11 is a great choice designed for people over 9 inches in erection

Xtreme Size Guide

Bathmate Hydromax 60 Days “Greater than 100%” Money Back Guarantee

All bathmate products come with 60 days without question, with a money back guarantee. If in the first 60 days your ownership is not satisfied with the ability of our pumps or damage occurs during the shipping process, you can contact us and we will help as soon as possible.

Prove the benefits. The manufacturer promised that this hydro pump would be able to make your penis bigger and longer. If within 60 days you are not satisfied with the results you get, do not hesitate to send back the pump you have purchased, and get your money back.