The best performing penis pump on the market is now even better.35% More powerful than Our Hydro7 Series
  • Fits sizes 3 - 9" (8 - 23cm)
  • Certified Skin-safe.
  • Super-flow Latch Valve

About Bathmate Hydro - MAX Series

If you are looking for a more powerful hydro pump, our Hydromax series is the perfect choice for you to look for. This is the only best-selling penis pump in the world; Bathmate Hydromax is number 1 for a reason it has. With 35% more power than our original hydro series, you will get benefits you have never had. Even the Hydromax series pumps have several levels of sizes that you can look for according to your needs.

More than 92% of Hydromax users are satisfied with the pump’s performance, with users seeing a real improvement in penis size, erection quality and overall sexual confidence.

  • It helps you to increase penis length and girth.
  • Immediate results after use.
  • It makes erections harder and stronger.
  • It helps you last longer in bed to create harmony in your household.
  • High-quality materials and patented technology
  • Safe to use without dangerous side effects.
  • Free shipping and confidential packaging.


Hydro-Max will fit if your erect penis measures between

Fits sizes

In length

1 - 9In | 3 - 23cm


In girth

6.5In - 7.6In | 16.5 - 19cm


Choose the model and color of the perfect Hydromax Pump that suits you below:

Buy and get the results of your dreams, and get a 60 day money back guarantee guarantee without question.

Get Benefits For Purchasing Hydromax Pump

hydromax all



1 - 9In | 3 - 23cm
6.5In - 7.6In | 16.5 - 19cm

Certified Skin-safe

Made of High Quality and Skin Safe Materials, Phthalate-Free, US F.D.A. Approved



Bathmate size guide

Hydromax Reviews

Hundreds Customer Ratings

Yeah so I've been using this thing daily for about 2 weeks so far and I've already gained 1cm in length, I'm looking forward to seeing more progress over the next few months. Solid product I'd def reccommend.


Reviewed Hydromax3 from the United States on November 23, 2020

Product is well built and engineered. Comfortable to use and hasn't caused any skin irritation. Let the marathon begin!


Reviewed Hydromax5 from the United States on August 27, 2021

It works good. Wish I had got the HydroXtreme it comes with extra stuff you will need.


Reviewed Hydromax7 from the United States on November 2, 2021

Highly recommend it. I got the regular one but I need the wide boy i've been using it for almost a year I don't use it that often there are times when I do use it a lot but most of the year I don't i suggest start off with 3x5 minute sessions and ease your way up to 3x10 minute sessions, expert don't go past 3x15 especially if you have foreskin that things gonna turn into the size of your actual head see and from the very beginning my thing curves to the left so I would get stuck so I recommend that if it curves too much or your girthy from what I hear is you gonna have to do some more man's scaping because this one's a little wider but so far one year into it I've gained close to an inch 7 3/4 in to 8 3/4 in and very wide I feel like I may need to get the 9 inch one though because I really feel like I can gain another inch in a year have my ass at 9 3/4 😏 why not 10 and stamp it


Reviewed Hydromax7 wide boy from the United States on May 19, 2021

The resulting final pump leaves me even more confident! Love the pump feel and weight that last all day long.


Reviewed Hydromax9 from the United States on October 11, 2021

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Bathmate Hydromax 60 Days “Greater than 100%” Money Back Guarantee

All bathmate products come with 60 days without question, with a money back guarantee. If in the first 60 days your ownership is not satisfied with the ability of our pumps or damage occurs during the shipping process, you can contact us and we will help as soon as possible.

Prove the benefits. The manufacturer promised that this hydro pump would be able to make your penis bigger and longer. If within 60 days you are not satisfied with the results you get, do not hesitate to send back the pump you have purchased, and get your money back.